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Support Nurses in Rural Kenya!

Impact Area: Staffing
Impact Location: Kenya

Provide stipends for 3 nurses to staff a daily health clinic and home based palliative care program in poor rural Kenya program, Viagenco.

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Briefly, what are you going to do?

Being a nurse is a noble profession anywhere in the that interests compassionate and intelligent young people who wish to serve their communities.  In rural Kenya, the many children orphaned by HIV/AIDS have few choices. Being given the opportunity to work hard to become a nurse is a dream come true.

Visiting Nurse and Hospice Care of Santa Barbara, CA ( Viagenco Comprehensive Care in Lwanda, Kenya ( have been partnered for 10 years to support orphaned children to attend school and to establish a comprehensive health clinic and palliative care service for the community. Three outstanding young women in the orphan support program received scholarships from VNHC to attend nursing school. They are now ready to return to the rural village to contribute their knowledge and empathy....but they will need a salary.

There is a strong draw for new grads to go to larger cities to work because of higher pay. Our goal is to provide $250/month for each of the 3 nurses to enable them to stay at least 1 year in Lwanda. Their home is Lwanda and they are devoted to repaying the community for the opportunities they have been given. Their knowledge in community health issues, palliative care, general health, and in-patient care will be invaluable to the Viagenco program. With our support and their expertise, the clinic will be able to fulfill its mission "To uplift the livelihoods of the poor, disadvantaged and those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS with compassion, hope and support". Please help us provide salaries for these three women to keep the clinic functioning at its best!

Who are you?

Visiting Nurse and Hospice Care of Santa Barbara, California has provided community home health and hospice services for over 100 years. In 2004 we partnered with Viagenco Comprehensive care in Lwanda, Kenya through NHPCO's Foundation for Hospices in Sub-Saharan Africa, now known as FHSSA. Our partnership has been mutually rewarding and has allowed VNHC to expand its mission to provide compassionate care in the poor rural area around Lwanda. Viagenco started out with the mission of improving agricultural practices in the arid area around Lake Victoria. They soon discovered that they would first need to address the health needs of the community which had one of the highest incidences of HIV/AIDS in the world. They developed a strong palliative care program and became registered as a hospice.

Tell me more about your campaign.

After three deserving young women received nursing school scholarships and are completing their studies, Viagenco Comprehensive Care finds there will not be resources to pay the nurses' salaries. The challenge is that people in the area are so poor that they cannot pay for services at the clinic. Widows and orphans are treated free of charge. Viagenco needs support to pay staff salaries.

What is the impact of your campaign?

1. The Viagenco Clinic will be staffed with bright and knowledgeable nurses who are enthusiastic to begin their careers in their home village.

2. The three young women will have their needs met while they support the agency which enabled them to attend nursing school. They are committed to working at Viagenco for at least 1 year.
3. The community will benefit by having a smoothly operating clinic with round the clock care for in-patients and emergencies. 
4. The home based palliative care program will be fully staffed to meet the needs of the home-bound sick and elderly.