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The Road to Hope

Impact Area: Vulnerable Children
Impact Location: Uganda

With your support, we will provide financial support for Ugandan children who have been their parent(s) primary palliative care givers.

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Briefly, what are you going to do?

With your generous support, we will provide financial support for orphaned Ugandan children who were their parent(s) primary palliative care giver. Your donation will help pay for their school tuition, books, food and basic care.

Who are you?

The Hospice Foundation is the supporting foundation for Center for Hospice Care (CHC), an independent, community-based, not-for-profit organization based in Northern Indiana. Partnered since 2008, PCAU, CHC and the Hospice Foundation work together on various initiatives that improve the quality of living for those facing end-of-life illnesses.

Tell me more about your campaign.

The Palliative Care Association of Uganda (PCAU) is located in Kampala, Uganda and is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to make palliative care accessible to all Ugandans. Caring for the orphaned children of their patients is a natural and important extension of their mission.

The Road to Hope fund provides ongoing support for children that have lost one or both of their parents, most often to HIV/AIDS or cancer. The children in this unique program are a reminder of the plight of child caregivers in Uganda, where the life expectancy is 54 and median age is 15 years old.

What is the impact of your campaign?

In Uganda, as is the case throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, more and more children are being orphaned as a result of losing one or both parents to HIV/AIDS and cancer. With no breadwinner to support them, they often are forced to drop out of school and look for casual jobs such as selling ground nuts on the streets in urban areas or begging for money in order to survive.

Children are very often are the primary caregivers to a parent or parents facing serious, life-limiting illnesses. The Road to Hope program was created as a viable resource for some child caregivers who could very easily find themselves on a much different road were it not for the assistance it provides.

George Bazaire

George is the youngest child being supported by the Road to Hope fund and the inspiration for the program. In the US, five-year-olds are mastering how to tie their shoes, going to kindergarten, learning to read. In the village of Kakumiro, Uganda, five-year-old George was caring for his dying father in their one-room mud home. When his father died he went to live with his mother, who was unable to care for his basic needs and education.

With the help of the fund, George now attends school regularly and his basic needs of food, uniforms and supplies are covered. He recently moved to a new boarding school and is adjusting well. His progress is monitored on a regular basis by PCAU staff and volunteers. He will continue to receive support and encouragement from those associated with the program on an official basis through his 18th year and unofficially beyond that.

The gift of hope is priceless – and in the case of the Road to Hope fund, the hope for a better future can be given for less than a $1 a day.

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